Successful manifestation: The yogic way Part-I

Many of us around the world have read lot many books on creating wealth and success , thinking and growing rich etc , but we wonder how many actually would have been successful in becoming rich/wealthy . Of course there have been millionaires and billionaires who went on becoming wealthy and rich only by thinking. So should we think or not of becoming rich, yes we should think. Yogis and rishis in past have known science of thinking . Yes its a science and not art. We can think through our chakras , you can think through your navel chakra or third eye chakra (known as agna chakra) or throat chakra .The art of thinking through chakras is a very old and ancient science of manifesting things . Chakra in Sanskrit means wheels . Life force, or prana, that is moving inside of you is spinning . This spinning & rotating energy has 7 centers in your body, starting at the base of your spine (known as muladhara chakra) and moving all the way up to the top of your head (known as crown or sahastradhara chakra). If one of your chakras is too open or imbalanced, or if it is too closed it impacts ones health and well being.

Most important to successful way of life is to know the science of thinking , in next part of the blog we will discuss the yogic way of dreaming (timing of dreams) , brain waves ( 4 stages of the brain functioning i.e beta , alpha , theta and delta) for success.

Be Blessed by the divine . Thank you.


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