Divine ancient mantra for success

Currently world is going through difficult times , but also this is an opportunity for spiritual activities at different levels.Today I am mentioning on one of the Major Mahamantra for health, wealth ,success and happiness . I am talking about Gayatri Mantra . It is a very simple Sanskrit mantra , chanted in early morning hours of brahmamuharat time i.e. between 3 to 5 AM.

This mantra helps in attainment of divine and imparts true wisdom.It inspires the mind intellect of the devotee or yogi towards the righteous path.Its Sadhna helps in progressive growth of righteous elements.When he gets convinced about true aim of his life , he single minded starts his self efforts towards his goals.This aspiration creates an ever expanding vibrations in the universal realm which attracts and assimilates waves of right thoughts , emotions and inspirations prevading the subtle atmosphere.

With righteous thoughts developed in mind leads to right kind of emotions and inspirations . We can feel the calmness in mind. Magnetic power of thoughts is well known. Once you start developing positive and right thoughts in mind, the main impact of mantra is on your subconscious mind. The highest impact is felt on your subconscious mind, once this mantra starts decluttering of your subconscious mind it leads to less frequency of thoughts . One starts getting aware of consciousness in the body and leads to gradual detachment from body and mind.Once you start meditating on this mantra and exercise self introspection after chanting mantra surely one will see less anxiety and fear in any given circumstances , ofcourse divine power within your subconscious mind will protect you and also leads to more happy and joyful life.

This mantra activates major glands in the body and further leads to activation of Kundalini energy in the spine.Will continue the details in next upcoming article on ” Who am I” . This article has been inspired by one of the most prominent Master and Guru Vedmurti Shree Ram Sharma Acharya ji. He was epitome of knowledge and subject of Gayatri Mantra.You can gain knowledge on the subject from his book ” Super science of Gayatri Mantra”.

May the whole world enjoy Peace Prosperity and abundance . This whole world is one family.