Successful Goal Manifestation -Part II

In further to part I of successful manifestation , hereby will explain on brain waves , sleep and dreams .

Our brain releases electrical energy and many experiments have proved that brain has electrical energy. These are in form of brain waves.There are four stages of our brain waves i.e. Alpha , Beta , Theta and Delta . Like all waves these stages have frequencies. The beta level of frequency is between 14 and 40 cycles per second. 40 cycles per second is highly agitated /anger state of mind . Generally for some people brains are functioning between 14 to 20 cycle per seconds they are relatively calm and don’t get excited or agitated easily. Just below the Beta level of frequency is the Alpha stage of brain waves , it is basically the one when we are just going to sleep or slumber.Alpha stage is sleep with dreams and functions between between 8 and 13 cycle per seconds. We are at calm state of mind and no more succumb to emotional state of mind.The third stage is Theta level of frequency and our brain is functioning at 4 and 7 cycles per second. The Theta stage occurs during deep sleep for some time or few minutes. The fourth stage as explained to be blissful state (as per ancient yogic practices) between 0.5 and cycles per second.

Now in between Beta and Theta as explained above is Alpha stage where things manifest , it is stage when we are about to sleep (it is as between state ) . At Alpha stage we can hear sounds of family members or similar sound , we are aware that sleep is taking over us but we haven’t slept. We are aware and can comprehend things and slowly moving towards sleep. The second Alpha stage is when we are sleeping and about to get up in morning. We again hear chirping of birds , we can hear sounds but we are not awake. And now at this semi hypnotic stage we can infiltrate our subconscious mind , but this has to be done consciously. This is the best time to change our imprints in unconscious mind. The seed of positive thoughts and visualization at this stage will give fruitful results. Also sometimes referred as law of attraction. Now there is a catch here your conscious mind will always give negative frequencies saying it is not possible , now can we take our mind to positive frequencies. This can be done through auto suggestions with feelings , speaking to our sub conscious mind and also through various Yoga techniques (Yog Nidra technique and Pranayam technique)

For imposing our positive thoughts over negative thoughts , we need to start practicing Yogic Nidra process of breathing before sleep and in morning practicing Pranayam  yoga conscious breathing techniques. Before going to sleep in night and also before dream visualization we can do some yogic techniques  These kind of practices practically increases positive hormones such as serotonin ,dopamine etc in our body.

In continuation to above we will discuss some yogic exercises such as conscious breathing techniques (pranyam, yog nidra etc) and also positive thoughts activation. Also setting of our goals ,auto suggestions,  and power of intentions.

Be blessed by the divine. Thank you.

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Successful manifestation: The yogic way Part-I

Many of us around the world have read lot many books on creating wealth and success , thinking and growing rich etc , but we wonder how many actually would have been successful in becoming rich/wealthy . Of course there have been millionaires and billionaires who went on becoming wealthy and rich only by thinking. So should we think or not of becoming rich, yes we should think. Yogis and rishis in past have known science of thinking . Yes its a science and not art. We can think through our chakras , you can think through your navel chakra or third eye chakra (known as agna chakra) or throat chakra .The art of thinking through chakras is a very old and ancient science of manifesting things . Chakra in Sanskrit means wheels . Life force, or prana, that is moving inside of you is spinning . This spinning & rotating energy has 7 centers in your body, starting at the base of your spine (known as muladhara chakra) and moving all the way up to the top of your head (known as crown or sahastradhara chakra). If one of your chakras is too open or imbalanced, or if it is too closed it impacts ones health and well being.

Most important to successful way of life is to know the science of thinking , in next part of the blog we will discuss the yogic way of dreaming (timing of dreams) , brain waves ( 4 stages of the brain functioning i.e beta , alpha , theta and delta) for success.

Be Blessed by the divine . Thank you.